Abhishek is being the good dad like his own father!

Bachans are the most famous among all in the Bollywood industry. All of them have been a part of this industry for long and that is why they have been able to make a huge impact on this stage for decades. From the big b to the smaller one, they are always in news and media for everything they do, and now, including the bahu of the family and the granddaughter too.


Recently, Abhishek has been in news for his stance regarding his daughter and what he would like her to do.

The super star actor said he would be happy with whatever career option his daughter Aaradhya will choose in the future and that he has no restrictions or set opinions to impose on her regarding it. On Thursday the actor went all generous and treated his fans and followers to a question and answer session on Twitter, where a user asked the actor if his daughter would contribute in Bollywood to continue the “Bachchan trend”. This question turned out to be quite a spicy query.


To this, the small b sent a video and replied: “I would like my daughter to do whatever she chooses to do and whatever she loves to do. As a kid I was told to do what made me happy and I want her to do what makes her happy. Whatever it is I will be happy.”

The super star also told the fans that he loves Aaradhya and his wife and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan equally. “I love both equally. You can’t choose between your wife and your daughter. So I love both equally,” said the Yuva actor.


This is great news that he has left his daughter to select her career herself and we appreciate it. Good job, Abhi!


Sonam and Ranbir Kapoor are reuniting on the big screen again!

Kapoors are the real asset to Bollywood. Half of the Indian Cinema’s clan is made by them. Whether that is the era of the seniors or we talk about the young juniors, Kapoors have been amazing throughout.


Fans of Ranbir and Sonam will be ecstatic to know that the duo will reunite soon on the screen after a decade and will show their perfect chemistry and timeless acting skills in none other than Rajkumar Hirani’s biopic on Sanjay Dutt’s life. Though they have already made their debut in Bollywood via a joint movie, this sounds so much fun and enthralling!

Bollywood securely tucked under their belts it would be interesting to see them together again.


Know that Ranbir has been giving many hits recently. And from his previous movie Savarya with Sonam till now, he has been wonderful with his career and maintained a raising bar through his progress. He has also been called as the chocolate hero since he has given many hits to the industry in a short time and is all set to hit the stage once again and leave his fans in awe.

Sonam, on the other hand, is a style icon. She knows what to do, when to do and how to do. With the guidance of her super classic dad, Anil Kapoor, she has been reaching the heights of brilliance. From her clothing to her social relations and then the sudden appearances in media, she knows how to stay in news.


All eyes are set on how this new movie comes up. It will be fun to watch the juniors of a legendary family reunite again and put some serious show for the audience who has been looking forward to their come back since long.

Shahrukh’s son has got a new friend!

For the longest of times, Shahrukh Khan kept his youngest son away from the eyes of the media and cameramen. God knows better for why did he do it and what exactly was the cause? But the little guy has been growing so fast and also made an appearance in front of the words in the previous days. A little cute adorable baby, roaming around his famous dad and unaware of the fact that the world has gotten its eyes on him and is observing all his moves and acts – isn’t it a blessing and a curse at a time? We will leave that for a while.


Recently news has been coming on the surface and that is, this cute boy of SRK has made a new friend. And that is none other than the heart charming and stylish diva, Alia Bhatt. SRK’s family flew abroad and while they were back to Mumbai, Alia was spotted holding hands of the young kid, coming out of the airport. Both of them seemed to be having good bonding and the baby shared a great time with her that was clear from his facial expressions and glowing smile.


The little baby Abram has made a new friend and he really like her, this is how their bonding seemed. Please know that Alia shares really fantastic and warm terms with the family of SRK. His wife, Gauri, is a very good friend of Alia and they are frequently seen in each other’s company sharing quality time. And now, SRK’s kids are also extending their friendships with Alia.


We wish to see more pictures of such pleasant vibes and hope Abram’s friendship with his new friend keeps on improving and flourishes with time. Nothing like a good friend, isn’t it?

Saif Ali Khan is all set for welcoming his new baby as he shops for the unborn!

Kareena has been in the news for long and it is all due to her pregnancy! Kareena’s delivery is coming near and is due in December and Saif Ali Khan is highly excited to welcome his baby as seen by his activities, tweets and talks to the media. He definitely wants a royal welcome and he shops items worth Rs 30,000 from a baby store in Delhi. This happened recently. He was spotted shopping for his baby! He flied to Delhi to pick up items for his baby and welcome him in a grand style.


He also went a little ahead and set up baby’s nursery in all its glory with the help of a Delhi-based children’s boutique store’s owner. Since Kareena was unable to travel, Saif kept on telling her all the details and she was being updated time to ti,e.

According to the news, “It being Bebo’s eighth month, she cannot fly to Delhi, so Saif doesn’t want her to miss out and sends her pictures of their available options. In fact, the Delhi store which the royal jodi picked, keeps abreast of baby fashion in New York and Paris.”


Said also bought pram for the newest family member. Other items included a Peg Perego stroller with matching accessories worth Rs 30,000 for his bundle of joy. It is an Italian stroller. The stroller is latest in the technological and quite fashionable kit.


Said seems pretty excited to see his mini version and is stuffing the house with items for the upcoming new Nawab, however Kareena is enjoying it all and is helping her husband to decide what to buy and what not to!

Everyone has their eyes set on this new arrival.

Manish Malhotra accompanies Katrina to Maldives!

Recently Katrina went to the beautiful Maldives and she was accompanied by none other than the famous designer, Manish Malhotra. Katrina is one of the most successful actresses in the Bollywood industry. Her long list of movies and contracts make her move around a lot. She is always on the go and keeps travelling in an out of the country for her business trips, meetings, press releases and shooting purposes. Recently she visited Maldives for the shooting of another upcoming movie and to our surprise the super star designer was her company in the trip to keep her accompanied and entertained, maybe.


Katrina gave away a picture in which she was posing with the designer friend of hers. Both of them looked energetic, beautiful and fresh especially Katrina as she was glowing and radiating in her white tank top and beautiful smile. The serene sight of the Islands made the image even more attractive and one could not take the eyes off it. Manish also told that this is one of the very first trips made by him to this very country and he feels very excited yet happy to share it with the gorgeous Katrina. Manish also told that he shares a very good bonding with Katrina, they have been friends for long and that travelling with her is always a great experience. The beauty of the country made the trip even more memorable for the two celebrities since they couldn’t stop enjoying and getting marveled by the nature around.


Katrina is busy these days with a long list of her upcoming new movies and she is making frequent visits around the world to different countries in this regard and her trip to Maldives is one such journey. We wish her the very best for all her projects.